Brentwood Finale 11″ Quilted Eurotop Mattress Review

Sleep is one of the most important and essential functions your body can perform. In fact, studies have shown that sleeping is even more important than eating! Why is sleep so important? Well first off, it rids your body of all the bad toxins that can build up inside you throughout the day. It also helps rejuvenate your body. After a recommended eight hours of sleep your body should wake up feeling fresh and ready to start anew. This is why it is so important for individual’s to make sure they are sleeping on a quality mattress. With the Brentwood Finale 11-Inch quilted Eurotop innerspring mattress, you will get not only high quality and long lasting durability, but you’ll get a mattress at a price that won’t break the bank.

The Inner Springs
One of the most unique and fascinating features associated with the Brentwood Finale mattress are the high quality 13.5 gauge tempered steel spring coils that offer you the upper body support you need in a mattress. For those who have spent years suffering with upper back and neck pain, you know the frustration it can cause. While most mattresses that gear specifically at solving these kinds of aches and pains can cost upwards of $1500, the Brentwood Finale costs less than $300 for a queen size mattress.


Layered Upholstery
Aside from helping with your aches and pains, this astonishing mattress is also extremely comfortable to lie on! It comes with padded upholstery that is evenly layered throughout the mattress. On top of that, the quilted Eurotop provides a soft surface that is comparable to any top-of-the-line pillow top mattresses on the market today.

Once you lay on this, you’ll never want to lie on another mattress again. The Brentwood Finale mattress makes you feel like you’re floating on a cloud! I promise you, it will be the best night of sleep you will ever get for under $300!


CertiPur-US Certified Foam
certipur-logoThe unique inner spring design also combines with this mattress’s award winning CertiPur-US certified foam. By being CertiPur certified, your mattress meets strict voluntary standards dealing with environment, health, and safety.

This Brentwood Finale Eurotop mattress contains flexible polyurethane foam cushioning that has gone through scientific testing to measure the foam’s content and durability factors. For a mattress to receive CertiPur certification, it is truly an honor. To top that off, this certification also guarantees the mattress is free from dangerous allergens and organic compounds.

Easy Set Up and FREE Delivery
For those who have endured the pains of having to move from house or apartment to another, you know that moving a bulky mattress is one of the biggest pains. With the Brentwood Finale Eurotop mattress, moving and setup will be a breeze! First of all, it will be delivered directly to your doorstep FREE OF CHARGE, so you don’t have to worry about borrowing a friend’s truck to get your mattress home.

It will arrive in a large cardboard box, from which you simply bring the box into your house, open it up, and remove your rolled-up mattress. Bring your mattress into your bedroom and simply cut the plastic bag that is holding your mattress in its coiled state. Your Brentwood mattress will then begin to gently decompress and take its full shape within a matter of minutes, however, the manufacturer does suggest allowing up to 48 hours for your mattress to reach full expansion. Delivery and set up couldn’t be any easier! 


Made in the USA
For those who like to buy quality products and support local businesses, the Brentwood Finale 11″ quilted Eurotop innerspring mattress is actually made right here in the USA! While most mattresses are manufactured overseas, this USA made mattress is filled with homemade quality at a price all Americans can fall in love with.

Sleep is an important part of our everyday lives and is not something we can just shrug off. Getting the right amount of sleep will guarantee you are as refreshed and vibrant as ever. For those on a tight budget looking for a quality mattress that can offer the much needed rest we all deserve, the Brentwood Finale 11-inch Eurotop mattress is your answer! With its unique inner springs and layered upholstery design, you will get the much needed support your upper body needs to establish an undisturbed night of rest. And to be able to purchase it for under $300 makes it a bargain. 


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