Cheap Memory Foam Mattresses

You may be tempted to buy a cheap memory foam mattress, but the monetary savings are often outweighed by the costly, long-term, disadvantages. You may save money upfront, but ultimately you’ll lose hours and quality of sleep.

Many fake and inexpensive memory foam mattresses lack structural stability, long-term lifespan, and a reliable warranty. Continue reading to learn about the damages caused by fake memory foam mattresses.

Reduced Support
old-lady-back-painBudget memory foam mattresses are constructed of viscoelastic foam with a lower density. This means there are less, yet larger open cells. These cells are filled with air and the decreased density means adjacent cells deflate more rapidly. Thus you’ll sink further into the mattress. While this may initially feel comfortable – the mattress quickly compresses to your body’s shape – the long term effect is detrimental to the mattress’ composition. Ultimately the mattress loses its ability to inflate or to reform its initial shape. The compressed mattress loses volume and cushion over time.

Quality-made memory foam mattresses like the Tuft and Needle mattress don’t degrade in this way. While the mattress will still comfortably conform to your body, it will also maintain enough volume and stability. Body heat softens the mattress and allows the mattress to absorb your figure. However the mattress retains more of its volume and thus its support. This allows you to be able to easily change positions. The quality mattress maintains its original shape exponentially longer.


Instead, fake memory foam mattresses retain the impression of your body for too long. The instability of the mattress volume makes repositioning uncomfortable and difficult. Restful sleep requires mobility. While it’s not ideal to “toss and turn” in your sleep, it’s still most comfortable to be able to reposition or roll over. Knockoff memory foam mattresses limit mobility and actually damage the quality of your sleep.

Decreased Lifespan
Cheap visco mattresses degrade in quality more rapidly. The instability causes the mattress’ shape to warp away from its original form. This can shorten its lifespan to months instead of years. Higher quality memory foam has thicker cell density. This supports its lifespan for years. Knockoffs with decreased cell density, often describing their mattresses as ‘reflex memory foam‘ can lose shape as quickly as ten months. What’s the ultimate price? The sagging mattress restricts your circulation and misaligns your spine.

Warranty Replacement
warrantyBrand-name memory foam mattresses most often include a reliable warranty. Part of the quality and lifespan of these mattresses comes from the guarantee of replacement, if necessary. Conversely, cheaper counterfeits rarely include a warranty. Sometimes cheap alternatives have a warranty in name alone. At an attempt to use the warranty, you’ll often find it to be unreliable.

Saving Money Can Cost You
The initial savings may be appealing, but the ultimate cost is much higher. Budget mattresses lose their form and stability more rapidly. Sleep quality is degraded by decreased mobility from an inability to reposition. The lifespan of a knockoff mattress is up to eight years shorter than its quality counterpart. The low-cost mattress isn’t so cheap that you could replace it yearly. Cheap memory foam mattresses usually have disreputable and unreliable warranties. The saved money can cost the quality of your sleep.

Thankfully, you can rest assured that all of the memory foam mattresses featured here on are manufactured with the highest quality standards and materials. Although most of the mattresses we review here are much less expensive than what you will find in retail stores, they are not made cheap.

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