How To Save Money On A Mattress

A mattress is an investment, one that you need to make, but not one you want to feel like you’re losing sleep on. If you want to get a good deal you’re going to have to research it, just as you would with any big purchase. Don’t immediately go to the mattress store and ask the salesman what’s best. Find out what you like and what type of mattress would be best for your style of sleeping and your needs.

You’ll also have to set a budget on what you can afford to spend. Find a price point to start out with, and determine the features you want in a mattress. In this case YOU are the expert, not a salesman at the mattress store. You are the one who will spend eight hours with your purchase each night, for the next ten-or-so years.

So… what do you need? What size? What brand? What type? Wait… aren’t all mattresses created equal? No, not by a long shot. There are two basic categories of mattresses: innerspring and memory foam. Innersprings are the least expensive but motion sensitive, however, good manufacturers try to minimize that effect, as in the case with the Simmons BeautySleep mattress.


Memory foam mattresses, on the other hand, conform to your body and isolate all motion. The drawback is that some customers complain that their memory foam mattress traps their body heat, making them sleep too warm at night.

Be aware that the pattern on the mattress cover really doesn’t mean a thing. Sure, it’s probably a beautiful design or made with some extravagant material but it’s going to be covered up with a sheet & blankets, so… it probably doesn’t matter much anyway.

testing out mattressSo, how do you decide on what mattress to buy? Well, one of the best ways is to visit a couple mattress stores, dressed comfortably, and test out their different mattresses. Should you go in your pajamas and fuzzy slippers? Ehh… probably not, but be comfortable. Lie on the mattress, in the position you normally sleep in and relax for a few minutes; really get a good feel for it. Consumer Reports has found that people who test out their mattresses for at least fifteen minutes are more satisfied with their ultimate purchase.

Start out by testing some of the the cheaper mattresses. Price is not synonymous with quality, nor your own personal comfort level. If you find one you love, at $200, why keep searching? If you just kind of like it, then move up with your price point, to see if the higher priced mattresses are worth the extra cost.

If you fall in love with a particular mattress, leave the store and price check online! 90% of the time you will save big money (often hundreds of dollars), purchasing your mattress through an online retailer. It’s also a good idea to buy your mattress & box spring together. There is no point in putting a brand new mattress on a worn out and unsupportive box spring and believe it or not, they are usually designed to go together. A good box spring provides support and can ensure that your mattress does not wear down too quickly.


Remember that this investment really, truly, does influence your life; day-in and day-out. A good night’s rest cannot be underestimated. So, not only is it important to know how to save money on a mattress, but also to get the mattress that feels right to you.

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